Alfa Romeo 8C

Developed by Alfa Romeo, it is the direct result of the concept car that won the admiration of visitors to the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. In the 1930s and 1940s, the acronym 8C characterized cars (both racing and road) equipped with the highly revolutionary eight-cylinder engine developed by designer Vittorio Jano. The term "Competizione", for its part, is a tribute to the "6C 2500 competizione", sports coupé entrusted in 1950 to the mythical Fangio - Zanardi couple during the famous "Mille Miglia". So, "8C Competizione" is far from being a fancy name, it is a distinctive feature of the Brand's sporting history. In fact, the Alfa Romeo myth has been forged on circuits around the world, thanks to the talent and passion of people, the development of cutting-edge engines and technologies and the ever-changing taste for challenge.

Wheel Sculpture

What hasn't already been said about the Alfa 8C Competizione line? Without doubt one of the stylistic masterpieces of the 2000s. Its proportions and its classically inspired design evoke the most beautiful productions of the Italian brand, such as the 33 Stradale or the Giulia Tubulare Zagato (see our Special Report on Alfa Romeo's 100 Years). However, the removal of the roof has considerably changed the proportions of the car. Forgotten the sublime pavilion, with its glass bubble, which slopes gently down to the truncated rear in the purest Kamm Tail style (Ford GT 40...). Also forgotten are the almond side windows, pushed back by the voluptuous rear wings. The style of the stern is now more manly, massive and high perched - it's only an impression - and more reminiscent of the racing prototypes of the 1960s, with Porsche 904 in the lead. A highlight for an Alfa! Like most open supercars, the top is made of canvas, and if its handling is hydraulic, the locking remains manual; all this in order to keep the Spider "by weight". A successful bet since it only has 90 kg more than the coupé (at 1,675 kg). But the role of the latter is ultimately quite incidental, as it is true that the 8C Spider is especially appreciated in windy conditions. So we won't be too formal about this. More embarrassing, however, is the virtual absence of a trunk: with only 200 litres, you will have to have your luggage followed. And don't look for room in the cabin for your passenger's vanity: there's just room for two occupants! But if you can afford this type of vehicle, it should not be an insurmountable problem... First (pleasant) surprise when boarding this car.... that we left a little too long under the sun: the leather of the seats doesn't burn our legs! And for good reason: its coating has been specially treated to repel UV rays, which reduces its temperature by 20 degrees. A great attention for a roadster! Once seated, zoom in on the dashboard, simply magnificent like the centre console carved directly from the mass of a 100 kg aluminium block... of which only 5 kg remain in the end! For the moment, it changes from the vulgar plastic tinted "metal style". The driving position is perfect; all that remains is to press the start button...
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