Car Hire Excess Insurance

Why Car Hire Excess Insurance is Essential for Every Traveller

Car hire excess insurance is one of the most important things to have when renting a car. It protects you from having to pay for any damage to the car that may occur during your rental period. without it, you…

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Car Shipping

How Does Car Shipping Work?

If you’re planning on moving or buying a car from another state, you may be wondering how car shipping works. Car shipping is a process where a car is transported from one location to another via truck, train, or plane….

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rent a car

Need to rent a car in Paris: search online for a vehicle to rent nearby

Are you looking to rent a car in Paris? To achieve freedom of movement as well as flexibility during your travels, you’ll need to navigate the streets of Paris by car. When hiring a car blindly online, you face the…

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