Bentley Continental Supersports

Discover the fastest and most powerful Bentley of all time, equipped with a W12 engine that develops 621 hp, 12-cylinder dual turbocharged engines. It travels from 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of 329 km/h. The engine runs on E85 or gasoline or a mixture of both, a sensor measures the quality of the gasoline and adjusts the engine timing accordingly. The four-wheel drive system offers a power ratio of 40/60 from front to rear. A car of such power must also have a braking system as a result; the carbon ceramic brakes are the widest ever offered on a production car. The Quickshift transmission allows you to shift gears in 200 milliseconds. The Bentley Continental Supersports is already shaping up to be the fastest four-seater in the world, with no less than 710 hp and 336 km/h! Bentley Continental Supersports (2017) - As a showdown, the Bentley Continental GT coupe offers itself an ultimate ultra-sport version before leaving. At the end of 2017 or even the beginning of 2018, a brand new generation will replace the icon that appeared in 2003, over which time does not seem to have had any control, as its line remains timeless. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show, to be held in early March, will serve as a showcase for this incredible Bentley Continental Supersports (officially known as GT). A model considered as a "final edition", which claims to be nothing less than the fastest four-seater in the world. We know that the English have a sense of humour, but one would be tempted to believe them by the totally unusual characteristics of this gentleman's "dragster". Still faithful to the 6-litre W12 engine, the Bentley Continental Supersports climbs to 710 hp for 1017 Nm of torque! That's 75 hp more than the GT Turbo Speed, the current flagship of the Continental catalogue. The announced performances, although worth checking, are in tune with each other. The 0-100 km/h exercise is reduced in 3.5 s, a value below a Tesla Model S P100 D, which falls below the three-second mark. But the Californian cannot claim to reach the 336 km/h claimed by the British in top speed. Hence, once again, it claims to be the fastest sedan capable of carrying four passengers. Performance made possible by the introduction of oversized turbochargers and a revised and corrected air cooling system. As well as stopping the 2.75-ton beast on the scale, the use of carbon and ceramic brakes proved essential. To get power on the ground, the Bentley Continental Supersports cannot do without the all-wheel drive that GTs has always been equipped with. It also renews the eight-speed automatic transmission. On the handling side, the pachyderm would almost think he was a little opera rat thanks to a torque vectorization system seen on the Bentley Continental GT3-R, acting individually on the brakes of each of the wheels. We also note the adoption of a traction control technology dedicated to Supersports, and more related to its ultra-sport claims, compared to the calibration of the "classic" Continental GT.
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