English car brands

England is the cradle of the automobile. Almost all the most powerful, beautiful and expensive car brands are well from there or are affiliated with an English firm. No English brand remains in the background. They are respected for their manufacturing care and unbeatable performance.


Among the best and most powerful racing and luxury cars, the brand was created in 1913 by its fathers Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. There are nearly 40 models of the brand, the main ones being: Aston Martin DB1 and DB9, The ONE 77, Aston Rapide, Aston Martin v8 and 12 VANTAGE and Aston Martin VANQUISH.


Founded in 1906 by Hubert Austin, it gradually evolved into its small to high-end models between 1906 and 1952 before merging with Nuffield Organization in 1952 to create real high-end and then sports models.


Created in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, Bentley is a range of luxury and racing vehicles. In 1998, she joined VW for an association. Today we can mention more than 30 models of the brand, mainly: The famous BENTAYGA, CONTINENTAL GT and GTC, Bentley FLAYING SPUR, Bentley MULSCANNE.


Created by Graham Nearn and acquired by Tony Fernandes in 2011, it launched its first Seven1 model in 1957 and was a great success to go as far as the seven4. Since then, she has continued her evolution alongside Tony. In 2015 the brand introduced the 275 S and R caterham and continued to improve them.


Yes, it is an English brand created since 1945. It is one of the most luxurious and sporty vehicle manufacturers today. With more than 40 models to date, whose greatest successes can be listed: Jaguar F-PACE the legend of the year, Jaguar F-TYPE, Jaguar XE and XF, Jaguar XF SPORTBAKE, Jaguar XFR, Jaguar XJ etc.


Colin Chapman is the founding father of the Lotus brand since 1952. It changed to Lotus cars in 1955 with its great success. It was she who had been marketing the seven model of the Caterham brand since 1957 with great success. But in 1986, it was bought by GM, in 1993 by ACBN Holding, in 1996 by Proton and in 2017, Geely put the largest share of lotus (51% share). There are nearly 20 models of the brand, including Lotus ELISE, Lotus EVORA, and Lotus EXIGE etc.


Founded in 1963 by Fernando Alonso under the name Bruce McLaren Motorracing Ltd., it spread from 1968 onwards. No good path is easy. It had its worst moments but today, it can be counted with more than 20 models including McLaren 540c, 570GT, 570s, 625c, 650s, P1, and MP4-12c etc. It ranks among the most luxurious cars.


It is an unbeatable brand since its first creations in 1906 (Rolls-Royce 10HP). It was created in 1904 by Charles Royce and Henri Royce and specialized in the production of luxury and racing vehicles. It has more than 20 popular models including Rolls-Royce GHOST, Phantom, and Rolls-Royce WRAITH etc.

Land Rover

The famous champion brand of SUVs and off-road vehicles was created in 1948. She joined BMW in 1970, Ford in 2000 and Tata Motors in 2008. To date, it is known of nearly 15 models, including Land Rover and Range Rover, Land and Range Rover Evoque, Land and Range Rover sport etc. The list is much longer but we will keep these key brands for now
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