Toyota FT 86 II Concept

With a long, low hood, raised fenders and a rear-mounted cockpit - a silhouette that pays tribute to Toyota's illustrious sports cars - the vitality of the FT-86 II concept's lines is a clearer preview than ever of the definitive style of the next sports Toyota. Entirely focused on the driver, the FT-86 II concept aims to crystallize the very essence of driving pleasure, by providing precise and instantaneous answers to the slightest request from the gases or the steering. It thus appeals to all those for whom driving is a passion, much more than a necessity. With its extremely aerodynamic low body, which extends to the attachment points, the muscular design of the FT-86 II concept is as compact as possible: a long wheelbase of 2,570 m, for 4,235 m long, 1,795 m wide and only 1,270 m high. Instead of basing its performance on a heavy, heavy-duty engine, the FT-86 II returns to Toyota's sporting roots by adopting a 2.0-litre flat-bed, high-speed gasoline engine coupled with a six-speed manual transmission, compact dimensions, modest weight and a lower centre of gravity to achieve the best power-to-weight ratio. The engine and driving position have been lowered and retreated to the maximum in order to optimize weight distribution and promote comfort, stability at high speeds and liveliness. Together with the front engine and rear drive, these features give the FT-86 II nervous but accessible performance, extremely pleasant and easily exploitable dynamic behaviour, and of course maximum driving pleasure. The new sports car Toyota born from this study will be marketed in Europe in 2012.
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